Table tops

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Jul 122013



KG gouache 2010
2 x KG analogue 2011
KG analogue 2010
3 x Last Supper (Dirk Bouts + ?)
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The view from the kitchen window

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May 192013

KG 1999/2003

(text from 1999, from a book of stories written for my academy graduation project; spelling & punctuation unchanged)

The view from the kitchen window.

The view from the kitchen window – I’ve been staring at it every day for almost twenty years. I’ve been drawing it and painting it and making photo’s of it. I’m addicted to looking at it even when it’s completely dark and you don’t see a thing. And the kitchen table is standing right near the window, so you can always look outside, it does not matter where you sit.

Because the kitchen itself is so small, the same goes for every sitting or standing spot – you always have the same view that didn’t change at all for years. It is a very quiet place – not many people pass by there and nothing is ever happening, except when the neighbours from the opposite house beat each other up, but that is something I don’t like to look at.

The view doesn’t have any other entertaining values except that it is beautiful and so familiar to me to the point that it gets abstract; quieting and relaxing. That is one of the reasons why the kitchen is my favourite place in the house – I spend most of my time there when I’m at home. The best place for reading or writing, or thinking or talking. And handy as well because I can reach all the necessary objects from the stove, sink and cupboard without getting up from my chair. The best times I there I have at night when everybody is sleeping – all to myself and no obligations – freedom in one word.

That´s when I get the nicest thoughts and the best plans.

KG 2010