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- from 1 March to 24 June 2015 I am in Seoul, as artist-in-residence at MMCA (National museum of Modern and Contemporary Art) Korea.

Unreal Estate #1   5 october - 7 november 2014 at BRADWOLFF Projects

- A lecture on little people, holes and other Russianness – 14th September, ‘Russia in the Netherlands 2013′ congress, UvA Slavonic Department

- Due to dented limbs and vacation I have been quiet. New posts coming very soon.



- I have a solo exhibition at Ellen de Bruijne Projects, Amsterdam, from May 25 to June 29, 2013.

KG 2011
During the exhibition two thematic dinners will be held in collaboration with Otark, a food collective based in Antwerp. ‘Autobiographical Fiction’ will give a taste of the narrative of identity, family myths and the ego of perception. ‘After Eight’ will be about looking in the dark – the role doubt plays in one’s imagination and the way it triggers memory to produce associations.
The dinners will take place at the gallery on June 27th (After Eight) and June 28th (Autobiographical Fiction’).
Two Dinners

drawing by Charlotte Koopman/Otark, 2013